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Meeting a therapist in an office-based setting is might not be the best or easiest option for you. Online therapy might be an alternative should you travel a lot for work, live in an area where you have trouble finding a therapist that you feel like is a good fit, have difficulty with social phobia or agoraphobia, or other reasons that might be specific to you.

I do have some limited appointments open for online therapy via Skype or other VOIP or internet video conferencing software platforms.

It is important to keep several things in mind when thinking about working with me for distance therapy.

  • Not ever situation is right for distance therapy. We'll discuss what you are looking for and make a decision whether working together is best for you. If at any time either your or I feel office based therapy is best for you, I will help you find a licensed therapist in your area so you can continue your work.

  • I am licensed to practice psychology in Massachusetts. If you are outside of Massachusetts, I am not licensed to practice as a psychologist. We can work together for personal growth and development but not for the treatment of mental illness. It is important for us to talk about the differences between seeing a licensed therapist in your state for treatment vs. seeing me at a distance for personal growth and development or coaching. Distance therapy is not a replacement for office based treatment.

  • Under most circumstances, you cannot use your health insurance for distance based therapy. You will need to pay out of pocket.

  • Your confidentiality is impacted by the limits of the communication platform. I cannot protect you from software malfunctions or weaknesses in the platform we choose to use together. We'll talk about how this impacts you before we get started.

  • There are important differences between the limits of confidentiality when you see a licensed psychologist in their office for treatment vs. when you are working with a therapist online for personal growth and development. We will carefully discuss these differences so you can understand them and make an informed decision.

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