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Clinical hypnosis is a psychotherapeutic tool that can be used to activate under used resources, aptitudes, and skills in the service of accomplishing a particular goal. Hypnosis elicits the relaxation response. Additionally, this practice assists in turning the mind away from habitual patterns of response toward new and creative ways of problem solving. It is a state associated with selective wakefulness, controlled dissociation, diminished capacity for self-criticism, and increased suggestibility. Hypnosis is not associated with giving up control, being controlled, or giving away secrets. Rather, it is a tool that can be used to take back control of the self allowing the patient to use their own inner-resources to help themselves.

D. Corydon Hammon provides the following metaphor to describe hypnosis: "It is similar to what occurred when as children we played with a magnifying glass in the sun--when the rays of the sun are focused, they are more powerful. Similarly, when our mind is concentrated and focused, we are sometimes able to use more of our potential and more of the power of our mind for instance, to block pain. In this sense, instead of being out of control, like [one popular misconception about hypnosis], learning hypnosis is actually the ultimate in a self-control skill."

Hypnosis can be highly effective in smoking cessation and habit control, stress s management and relaxation training, anxiety, insomnia, and pain management. Additionally, hypnosis can be an effective tool for performance enhancement surrounding activities such as sports, test-taking, public speaking, and various creative and artistic endeavors. It is important to understand that as with all types of therapies, hypnosis is a highly effective tool for some patients with some problems. However, like all types of therapies, it also fails some patients with some problems.

I have a particular interest in using clinical hypnosis to help people unleash their creative potential, resolve chronic habit issues (with loss, smoking cessation, etc.), as well as utilizing hypnotherapy to build skills sat stress reduction.

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